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What Should You Consider When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Ontario?

Divorce is a stressful and lengthy process for many people, and it’s important to have the right team or lawyer representing you and ensuring that things go as smoothly as possible. Whether you want to go to court or try mediation, you should get independent legal advice before starting the process. Additionally, you shouldn’t sign any documents until you’ve reviewed them with a qualified lawyer as signed documents can be legally binding.

Lawyers will offer consultations to help determine if their services and expertise are a good fit for your needs. This is a highly recommended step in the process because the lawyer you hire will become very familiar with your situation and it's important that you feel comfortable with them.

Make sure that any lawyer you hire is qualified in divorce law practice. You should consider

their experience in this area and how long they think the work will take as well as the overall

estimated cost for their services.

Furthermore, you should prepare for any meetings with your prospective lawyers by gathering information and documents that might be relevant. Clearly formulate your questions for them ahead of time to make the best use of the meeting time.

TMB Law is lead by Taragh Bracken an experienced and highly skilled divorce attorney. Find out more about how we handle family law by visiting our about us page or request a consultation and a member of our team will reach out to you by your preferred contact method.


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