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Couple drinking coffee after finalizing their divorce at TMB LAW firm in Oshawa Ontario


We understand that divorce can be a very overwhelming process but rest assured our team is here to help.  At TMB Law we focus on creating a judgement free space where you feel supported throughout your journey. 

Throughout the divorce process, we work closely with you to devise strategies to resolve any matters regarding decision-making authority (often referred to as custody), parenting time (access), property division, and spousal support.

Our common-sense, negotiation over litigation approach helps minimize the inevitable upheaval of the divorce process and avoid costly litigation.

To formally file for divorce, married couples must be separated for a minimum of one year (some exceptions apply).


Either party can proceed with a divorce application. However, it's important to note that courts can reluctant to grant a divorce if decision-making/custody, parenting time/access, and support issues are not resolved between the parties prior to the divorce application.


Due to this we advise our clients to resolve the above issues through a formal separation agreement and proceed with an uncontested divorce.  


  • Uncontested Divorce: Both parties are in agreement of the divorce filings. 

  • Contested Divorce: One or both parties are in disagreement of the divorce filings. 


Our office specializes in all matters related to both contested or uncontested divorces in Ontario. 

Family law is a particular type of law in that almost every case presents unique people and circumstances. To understand how the law could apply to your case and what your best options are to resolve your family law dispute, please get in touch with us today.



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