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Elderly couple enjoying their retirement after setting their will with TMB law.


At TMB Law we advise our clients on Wills, Power of Attorney, and Estate Disputes. 


A Will is a legal document that details how your estate will be distributed after your death and outlines exactly who will carry out your wishes after your passing. Although a Will is not legally required it is strongly recommended because if you pass without a Will someone would need to apply and be approved by the courts to determine the distribution of your estate. Your Will only takes effect after your death. Hiring legal representation will assure your Will is protected and accessible to your loved ones after your death. However, it's important to prepare support and care prior to your death and that is by appointing a Power of Attorney. 


Power of Attorney is someone whom you appoint to manage your wellbeing if you become mentally unable to do so. Our team at TMB Law can assist with formalizing the paperwork to assure the person of your choice is legally appointed to manage your finances and healthcare once you become unable. Power of Attorney will cease after your passing and the legally prepared Will will take effect. 


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