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Taragh M. Bracken Managing Partner at TMB Law.

Taragh M. Bracken 

Our distinguished Managing Partner at TMB Law, stands as a beacon of unparalleled knowledge and professionalism in Family Law throughout Durham Region and Toronto.

Esteemed Legal Advocate and Family Law Partner

Boasting over two decades of legal expertise, Taragh Bracken, the Managing Partner at TMB Law, commands high regard as a distinguished Family Law practitioner in Durham Region and Toronto. Additionally, she is a distinguished member of the Durham Region Law Association.

Taragh earned her Undergraduate Degree in Arts and Economics from the University of Dublin before qualifying as a Solicitor in Ireland in 1996. Her global journey led her to establish immigration offices in Ireland, Peru, and Malaysia. Transitioning her career to Canada, Taragh served as an articling student with Toronto Counsel, specializing in Bankruptcy Law.

In 1999, Taragh was called to the Ontario Bar, subsequently founding her practice in Durham in 2004, with a dedicated focus on Family Law. Drawing on her background in Bankruptcy and Real Estate Law, she excels in negotiating equitable resolutions for financial and property disputes within the realm of Family Law. Taragh has navigated the full spectrum of Family Law matters, including custody battles, child and spousal support, and property division disputes. Leveraging extensive courtroom experience, she is adept at mediation and arbitration, prioritizing optimal outcomes for her clients, be it through negotiation or litigation.

Taragh adopts a pragmatic and reasonable approach in representing her clients, striving for amicable settlements before resorting to litigation. Central to her values is ensuring that children remain insulated from parental disputes, making her a fervent advocate for their welfare. Possessing a commendable rapport with legal professionals in Durham and Toronto, Taragh showcases unwavering tenacity in the courtroom, defending and championing the interests of her clients.

In her commitment to clients enduring challenging times, Taragh stands resolutely by their side, working tirelessly to secure positive results.


Beyond her legal pursuits, she finds joy in family moments, horseback riding, and giving back through volunteer work.


"Taragh and her entire staff were remarkably kind, compassionate, tenacious and well knowledged. Taragh and her team were strong for me when I didn't know where to turn or what to do.
Thank you for giving me a brighter future!"


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