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Ramsha Jamshaid

A First-Generation Canadian: Versatile Legal Consultant and Committed Community Champion. Nurturing Connections and Legal Advocacy: Ramsha Jamshaid, and Diverse Advocate at TMB Law. 

Lead Law Clerk and Multifaceted Community Champion

Ramsha, a first-generation Canadian, embarked on her journey from Pakistan to Canada in 2002, bringing with her a rich linguistic background, fluently speaking Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi.

In 2013, Ramsha graduated with Honours in Political Science, complemented by a minor in Sociology and Religion from McMaster University. Her path in the legal realm began in 2014 when she joined Taragh Bracken's team, specializing in Family Law matters. Over the years, Ramsha has honed her knowledge and skills in various facets of Family Law, including the Hague Convention, Uncontested Trials, and Ex-Parte Motions to Travel. She has played a crucial role in assisting overseas clients with out-of-province divorces and addressing child abductions.

Diligently working towards her law degree, Ramsha envisions leveraging her extensive skills and knowledge once called to the bar, continuing to contribute to the success of TMB Law.

Beyond her legal pursuits, Ramsha is an active member of her Pakistani and Muslim community, passionately supporting various initiatives, including volunteering at Muslim Shelters. As an advocate for immigrant families, particularly women and children, she embodies a commitment to community welfare.

In moments of leisure, Ramsha finds joy in spending time with friends and family, and during winter, she embraces the slopes with enthusiasm. Discover the multi-faceted professional and compassionate advocate that Ramsha Jamshaid is at the heart of TMB Law."

"When the major life challenges come your way, Taragh and Ramsha are the team you need! Now only were they very supportive throughout the process, but they were very firm and able to meet my requests. Not every situation is same and they were able to specifically cater to my needs. They were very knowledgeable about the process and professional to the opposition even when challenges arose. Thank you to both Taragh and her team for keeping myself and my family safe!"

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Phone: (905) 666 5326
Email: receptionist@brack

Location: 86 Simcoe St S, Oshawa, ON L1H 4G6

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