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  • How do I choose a lawyer?
    When choosing a lawyer, you should look for a lawyer and team that makes you feel heard and whose primary focus is family law. You might also consider the lawyer’s years of practice, location, and cost. Since family law is so complex, it's essential to select a team with deep knowledge in all of its areas. They will be able to provide the best strategies and make better decisions to deliver the best possible outcome. Lawyers should be sensible and take a realistic approach to each case to determine the best possible outcome based on the unique facts of your case. Visit our About Page to meet our legal advisors.
  • What red flags should I be aware of in choosing a lawyer?
    There are also some red flags you can look for that will help you be wary when choosing a lawyer. Red flags include the following: They promise big wins without reviewing the details of your case. They have an assembly line approach to their cases and clients. The lawyer is aggressive and doesn't provide client care. Their price is "too good to be true." Not all skill is equal, and while it's important to find representation that fits your budget, skilled lawyers charge a premium as they are most likely to deliver a favorable outcome for your case. Family law is a complex matter and divorce proceedings can take time. Choosing a team you trust and feel comfortable working with is important.
  • How much will my divorce cost?
    Divorce costs can vary widely depending on the complexity of the case, whether it's a contested or uncontested divorce, and the objectives of each party. Fees you can expect during your legal proceedings can include but are not limited to: consultation fees lawyer fees printing formal documentation handling fees implemented by the courts such as filing and submission fees However, the total cost can only be determined once all work is complete.
  • How can I navigate the complex legal process of divorce?
    ChatGPT ChatGPT Navigating through separation and divorce can be overwhelming, involving intricate situations. Implementing various strategies alongside your legal team can assist in reaching your goals. However, maintaining flexibility during legal proceedings is crucial. Selecting an adept group of legal advisors can ease some of the complexity and guide you towards optimal decisions and outcomes for your case. Explore our About Page to familiarize yourself with our dedicated legal professionals.
  • What is a financial disclosure?
    Financial disclosure is a complete and accurate breakdown of your finances, including: income investments property any other financial assets your expenses and debts You will need to complete a sworn financial statement, a legally binding document used to determine aspects of the separation and divorce.
  • How is child access/custody determined?
    Child access can be agreed to in the separation agreement. However, if both parties do not agree on the child's access (also known as child custody), the courts will determine the access agreement based on the child's best interests.
  • What is an uncontested divorce?
    An uncontested divorce is when both parties agree to the terms of separation and have agreed to the division of property, spousal, child support, and parenting access. This agreement is documented in a separation agreement which both parties need to sign. The separation agreement aids the divorce proceedings as both parties have determined and agreed to the terms of the separation.
  • What is contested divorce?
    A contested divorce is more complex as both parties do not agree on the separation details and seek different objectives and outcomes. A contested divorce requires additional legal support and often requires the courts to determine how the assets, division of property, spousal and child support, and parenting access will be split between parties. Finding a qualified legal team to help you handle your contested divorce can alleviate a lot of the problems that arise during the complex process. Visit our About Page to meet our team of legal experts.


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