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How to Start Your Custody Process

The changes that your family may be experiencing due to divorce, separation, or other domestic situations can impact your relationship with your children. It can be an ordeal to navigate this hurdle in your life, so understanding family law as it relates to children is a key part of the process.

“Decision making” and “parenting arrangements” (formerly known as “custody and access”) are terms that describe who makes decisions about the children and where they will live. These new terms are part of changes made to the Divorce Act which went into effect on March 1, 2021. The parents should agree on certain aspects of the new arrangements so that there is minimal upheaval, and that is why family law has a specific process in place. Decision making and custody can be a stressful part of your divorce process, so it’s important to understand its complexities.

Both the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice preside over child and spousal support cases as well as custody and access cases. The Ontario courts offer a detailed guide to process to help you in each step of your journey. Child support amounts can be calculated based on information tables on the family law website, taking into consideration your income and taxes. You should also consider beginning your parenting plan early, and there are tools that can help create one. It’s important to understand the process but to also create a situation that is most beneficial to your children, settling details early that can alleviate confusion later.

Finding a qualified lawyer that is familiar with situations like yours can help you achieve your objectives. Find our team of lawyers who are waiting to assist you today on our about page.


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