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Caroline Schlaht

Discover the Heart of Exceptional Client Care with Caroline Schlaht. Your Compassionate Legal Advocate and Client Liaison at TMB Law.

Cultivating Connections:
Your Dedicated Law Clerk and Client Liaison. 

At TMB Law, our commitment to exceptional client care is embodied in the person of Caroline Schlaht. Serving as the pivotal link between our clients and the firm, Caroline is not just a Law Clerk and Client Liaison – she is the epitome of warmth, professionalism, and organizational prowess.


Boasting an impressive career spanning over two decades in client-facing roles, Caroline brings a wealth of experience to TMB Law. Her outgoing personality is not only appreciated among our staff but has also become a hallmark of the exceptional client care we strive to provide.


Caroline's role extends beyond the mere administrative aspects; she is the first point of contact for our clients, ensuring that every interaction is marked by a personal touch. Her commitment to creating a welcoming, respectful, and safe environment for each client is unwavering. From the initial contact with our firm, Caroline takes charge, ensuring that clients feel supported and valued throughout their legal journey.


Highly organized and dedicated, Caroline takes pride in learning all aspects of law, making her an invaluable asset to our team. Her eagerness to expand her knowledge and contribute to the comprehensive service we offer is a testament to her commitment to both personal and professional growth.


Beyond her role in supporting our clients, Caroline finds joy in spending quality time with her loyal companion, her dog. This aspect of her life reflects her compassionate nature, echoing the values we hold dear at TMB Law. Caroline Schlaht is more than a Legal Assistant – she is a key player in the TMB Law commitment to providing unparalleled client care. Join us in appreciating the dedication, professionalism, and personal touch that Caroline brings to every interaction at TMB Law.

"I really am not someone who writes a lot of reviews, however, when a business or someone goes out of their way then I do …. I had consults with a few different family lawyers for my child support and agreement … Taragh made me feel like she was really actually listening to not only what I was saying but she made me feel as though I was not alone in what was happening with my case. She stood by me the whole way through and with the help of some pretty amazing Legal Assistants …. Caroline & Joan … I was able to have my case settled with a mediator giving their best recommendations….. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have Taragh supporting and guiding me through one of the most horrible times in my life.

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