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How to Start Your Divorce in Ontario

Divorce and Separation can be an overwhelming and emotionally draining ordeal, not to mention costly. The hurdles you face in your particular situation will be unique to you. It can sometimes be confusing to determine what process you’ll need to go through for your particular case. That’s why it’s important to understand the legal process before you begin.

The Superior Court of Justice handles divorce and division of property, but family law involves both federal and provincial legislation. So, you need to make sure you consult the resources at Ontario Court of Justice to review their family law information as well as those found through the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario. In divorce cases, Ontario’s Guide to Process provided by the Superior Court of Justice is a good place to start for understanding the divorce process. It lists specific steps for starting a divorce that are easy to understand.

One helpful resource in your divorce process is the Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) guide. There, the forms you should fill out for your divorce situation are determined through a series of questions and you may save and print them. This makes things a little easier for those who are not familiar with family law.

Finding and understanding the correct information about your divorce situation can be daunting, so you may need the assistance of a lawyer in this process. Many qualified lawyers can be found on the directory of the Law Society Referral Service. It’s important to find a lawyer who works well with you and has experience with your situation.

For more information about how to divorce in Ontario, visit the Ontario Court of Justice site. Remember that it can be a lengthy process with many details, so it’s important to review the ins and outs of Ontario’s family law process before you begin.


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